Please complete and attach the appropriate form below for every individual sub-account opened. (This does not apply to IOLA accounts.)

  • W-9 Form: Accounts for United States citizens or residents
  • W-8BEN Form: Accounts for NON-United States citizens or residents

Note: You must upload an attachment for the first client, however do not have to attach separate additional files for additional clients. The attachment may be a document that includes all W-9 forms for all clients listed.

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Escrow New Sub-Account Setup

Escrow Sub-Account Deposit

Rental Escrow New Sub-Account Setup

Funeral Escrow New Sub-Account Setup

Attorney Trust Escrow New Sub-Account Setup

Escrow Sub-Account Withdrawal

Escrow Sub-Account Closing

Client Section Instructions: The first client is required. You may add up to nine additional clients, for a total of ten. The form's submit button comes after the client sections.

At the end of each client section is the "Additional Client" button. If you add an additional client, the new client's section will open. The cursor will not change location on screen, but it will change focus to a "Remove Client" button at the top of the new section. If you open a new client section by accident, you can immediately close it and move on. Once additional clients exist, a "Remove Last Client" button will also show up after the "Additional Client" button.

NOTE: The Remove buttons will remove the last client section showing on screen. You cannot remove a client in the middle of the list. If you remove all clients but the first required client, the "Remove" buttons disappear. If you add all nine additional clients, the "Additional Client" button disappears.

Escrow Transaction forms received by the Bank after 3:00 p.m. will be processed on the next business day following the day on which the form is received.

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