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Unlock the door to unlimited opportunity and significant savings.

One advantage of home equity funds is they can be used to build, buy or do almost anything. Equilock offers the same flexibility - plus another big benefit. It starts out as a variable rate line of credit. But you can shift it to a fixed-interest loan if rates drop and offer the potential for long-term savings. And if rates drop again? You can unlock and relock Equilock as often as you wish.

  • As a line of credit, you can tap into Equilock as often as you want for a period of time.
  • If interest rates drop to an attractive level, you can take some or all of your credit limit and lock it in as a term loan at the lower rate.
  • When and how much of your available line of credit you lock in is your choice.
  • Easily access credit line funds through Digital Banking, our mobile app or at any Tompkins branch.
  • Schedule convenient automatic payments through our Digital Banking tools.
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Subject to credit approval. Property insurance is required, flood insurance may be required. 


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