Make bank deposits right from your computer any time of the day or night with Tompkins Remote Deposit.

Remote Deposit provides an efficient means to help you streamline deposit preparation and eliminate multiple trips to the bank. You can easily capture images of the consumer and business checks you receive and transmit the check images to the bank for processing, helping you to reduce administrative time and expense. You make deposits from your office using a Windows based PC running Windows 10 or higher, with an up-to-date internet browser (Chrome / Edge), and an available USB Port for the scanner we provide. It’s as simple as scan the checks through the scanner, submit them for verification, and verify them for processing to the bank. After that, store the checks in a secure location for 30 days and then securely destroy them.

With Tompkins Remote Deposit, you can easily manage your deposits and streamline your operations and workflows. Whether you have one business location or many, you can maintain a single banking relationship.

 Benefits include:

  • All of your deposit activity can be viewed and reported through our secure online site.
  • You can easily access account transaction history and reports and initiate transaction inquiry searches.
  • All reports and transaction histories are stored on the secure site. Transaction history is available for seven years; images are available for two years.
  • Reports can be generated in 90-day ranges for available transaction history.
  • Our site virtually endorses the back of your checks, eliminating the time and energy of having to stamp each one.
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