We are moving away from the current platform to ensure we are able to continue offering the high level of service our customers deserve. We believe our new Remote Deposit platform will best serve your needs moving forward.
Your organization’s designated Treasury Management Administrator will work with you to add you as a user
You can send secure messages through the Treasury Management Message Center, or call us at (888) 266-7441
We can accept a secure request through the Treasury Management Message Center if you need a temporary increase. Your Tompkins Cash Management representative or branch can assist you with something permanent.
These reports have been replaced by a robust Deposit Report that becomes available during the Make Deposit step, available in PDF, Excel, and CSV formats, also available through the Reports option.
Your previous deposits are available through Home > Recent Deposits, View Deposits, Search, Reports, and through additional accounting report tools.

You’ll access our new Remote Deposit service by logging in to your Treasury Management profile from tompkinsbank.com and clicking on the “Receivables” menu option at the top of the screen.
For security, instead of emailing you’ll either request a reset from your Treasury Management Administrator, or call the number on your scanner: (888) 266-7441
The cutoff time for deposits will continue to be 6pm
You’ll Scan, navigate to Batch Edit to make any adjustments, then finalize using Make Deposit. Your Treasury Management Administrator can assign these steps to one or more users as needed, and where dual control is needed.
Deposit rejection notices become available in View Messages within Remote Deposit Now. Reporting is also available.
Yes, you have until the cutoff time each day to edit or void a deposit item.