files and shredded papers

We are hosting several Community Shred Days!

September 23: Auburn 9 am to 12 pm
at the BOCES campus on West Genesee St Rd in Auburn

September 25: Greece 2-4
at the Greece Branch

October 7: Cortland 9-12
@ Contento’s Parking Lot: 119 Pendleton St, Cortland

Safely shred your confidential paper-based documents.

All paper must be clean, dry, and ready to shred, free from spiral binders.

What to bring to Shred Day


  • Paper (white or colored), file folders, checkbooks, staples and paper clips, and small quantities of plastics including ID cards and credit cards.

Not Accepted:

  • Hard drives, backup tapes, x rays, videos, cassettes, cd's, dvd's, hazardous material, syringes or needles, or any heavy metal objects such as nuts, bolts, or metal plates.  Paper is flammable and mixing with anything that sparks like a battery or heavy metal is very dangerous. 


* Please limit your recyclables to 6 standard paper storage boxes (same size as copy paper comes in) or garbage bags. We reserve the right to refuse anything we deem inappropriate. This service is open to households only; no commercial businesses please.